Can Hair Follicles Be Revived - Find Out If It's Not Too Late For Painless Natural Treatments

Published: 18th March 2010
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Can hair follicles be revived if you notice hair loss happening? But, of course! This will probably be the answer you'll get from a company selling hair treatment products which don't care about anything else but to make a sale.

If you will however ask a hair treatment provider, can hair follicles be revived -- and, they answer you in a manner such as, it will be very difficult but achievable, then you are most likely getting the honest answer.

And when dead, they will eventually stop producing strands. As such, you will become bald soon.

It is therefore of extreme importance to always make sure that your hair follicles are in perfect functioning condition. If on the other hand, you're now suffering hairloss, can hair follicles be revived still?

There are actually a few ways to revive the follicles that suffered damage. One of them is with the use of a quality and effective hair treatment that can give them the necessary vitamins, minerals and all the other nutritional ingredients that will ensure its normal and healthy growth.

However, to give a really good answer to the question, can hair follicles be revived, you should first learn what causes the damage.

The main cause is what is referred as DHT. It is produced by an excess of the DHT hormone and over time will smother them leading to their death (hair loss). This is why there is a need for finding healthy ingredients that block the DHT so your follicles aren't choked...or, you are most likely going to start losing your hair.

To help you with your search, there is a hair loss treatment product that contains all the necessary ingredients needed to help fight DHT, promote new growth, and also help decrease bacterial infection.

Now keep in mind, your hair growth isn't going to happen over night and may take a few months before you start seeing visible results. So, here's the most effective ingredient for men and women that's approved by the FDA. Called Minoxidil, this substance works very well at fighting DHT to help prolong the hair growth stage so it allows your hair to grow out fully.

Other substances you'll want to take note of are natural nutrients such as Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, magnesium, biotin, zinc and Nettle Root. All these ingredients work in synergy with Minoxidil and proven to help, work well to rejuvenate hair follicles and start producing healthy, new hair once again.

Now that you know the answer to the question can hair follicles be revived when you notice hair loss. Because, now there's a safe, healthy and natural hair loss solution for your new hair growth and strength using the right, proven ingredients.

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